How can our mixes make a difference to your song?

Mixing is half science, half art. We marry the technical aspects of processing audio with an experienced and creative ear to bring out the heart or emotion of your song.

Different genres are approached with a different philosophy. Rock and dance tracks are mixed to make the instruments punchy and energetic whereas jazz or soundtrack pieces require a gentler touch – valuing the organic nature of the source material.

Whether you require a mix from scratch or just need the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece, we can accommodate your needs.

Mix finishing services

A very popular option by many clients who are able to put together good mixes themselves but just need some final TLC is to send over the DAW project and we spend a few hours tightening up and finessing your already well-established mix. The hourly rate for this service is £35/hour and usually between 2 to 4 hours is enough to really lift up your mix.